De-Sphunn Matt Cutts Blog!!!

Matt Cutts thinks he is skipping April Fools?

No such luck!

Go here, De-Sphunn Matt Cutts Blog.

Then Click on De-Sphunn to make it the most De-Sphunn article ever!!

If you don’t do this you will have bad April Fools luck and people will be playing tricks on you all day!!!

Want to see Matt Cutts tattoo?

Matt Cutts Tattoo

Here is a picture of his Cat Tat. I think he may get tired of it.

One thought on “De-Sphunn Matt Cutts Blog!!!”

  1. Oh no, not the cat tat. What was he drinking on April Fools! He’s gonna regret that in the morning. He has officially been De-Sphunn.

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