SEO Poker 2007 T Shirt Rough Drafts

These are the rough drawings I am sending off tonight to the t-shirt producer.

The finals will, if god is willing be ready on Thursday for the Pubcon Event, but no promises.

Feel free to put these three images of the T-shirt on your blog, but don’t make any promises. You can just say they are rough drawings that are on their way to a T-shirt manufacturer. The time schedule is so tight putting this Pubcon Event together, that there is no way to say for sure what will happen as far as the T-shirts go. :)

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7 thoughts on “SEO Poker 2007 T Shirt Rough Drafts”

  1. I love how the cards are down the sleeve! I’ve never seen a shirt like that, with stuff down the sleeve. How are you making these designs? Do you use software, or are you working with someone?

  2. Shirts with sleeve designs get more expensive.
    I wonder what the final product ended up looking like and if you pursued this one through.

    Hearts, spades, clubs, and aces make great design additions.

  3. Nice graphcs. I am going to reach out here DK, even though you don’t know me (yet) and I am a pebble in a big ocean, respectfully I would recommend when you say God in your blogs or what have you, it should have a capital G. I would think you are receptive to this input, that’s all it is. I am NO English major or even a good writer by any means, nor an active religious person but, God is a very big word to write and people appreciate the respect it deserves. Again, respectfully written but should be pointed out by someone even if it’s me who is reaching out.

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